Make it memorable

Strike the viewer

Driving around I naturally see many company vehicles. Some are anonymous vans, often times white, with no graphics and no identity. Maybe the owner wants it that way. Some have vinyl lettering such as “Frank Plumbing”. or “The Handyman”. This type of graphics are very common and most people will forget about very soon. They do not strike the imagination.

In town there is a small business, a plumber, that decided to wrap his truck. Aside from the usual phone numbers and services offered the graphic shows a big man with big green eyeglasses. Every time you drive into this truck you just can’t miss it. It is memorable.

The owner obviously decided to brand his business, and I think this is the best choice for brand recognition.

You can brand your business too and it is not very expensive to do. You can pick a particular fleet color, for example, and build from there. Then you can have matching website and work uniform.

You can “strike” potential customers with an image, a slogan. You can associate your brand with an animal (Gorilla Movers i.e.), a close by landmark, or just come up with a unique name (Twisted Wires Electric i.e.).

Just have fun but a simple “Frank Plumbing” with black Arial lettering is not going to be remembered for long.

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